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When we started business in 2003, websites were designed and created one page at a time using very limited coding and internet technologies in order to build websites that help clients realize their online identity and bring in customers and site visitors of their own.

Back then, we had to write and develop code for websites to make sure that Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and other browsers would allow visitors to have a consistent viewing experience.

Today, we worry less about browsers, but have to ensure that a website is viewable and fully functional on a variety of devices from laptops to tablets and smartphones each device developed by very competitive tech companies looking to dominate the marketplace. 

They don’t care if the changes they make to their devices and software affect your website, but we sure do.

As a result, a successful website now is that it be a responsive websitedesigned to resize itself to fit a variety of screens.

If you’re ready to work with a reliable, professional website design and development agency that keeps the promises they make, contact today for original solutions that your audience will connect with.

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